Bold Words Refocused

Note: This is the last post for Bold Words that will appear at https://boldwords.wordpress.com.  Going forward, Bold Words will be self-hosted at bold-words.com. To continue receiving content from this blog, please be sure update your subscription information as described below.

My silence the last two months isn’t a reflection of not having anything to say. Instead, the last two months have been filled with an internal debate about whether there was value in continuing to share what’s on my mind. To that end, I’ve changed a few things that I hope will improve this blog and your experience reading it:

  • Bold Words is now self-hosted (bold-words.com). Most subscribers should continue to receive their feeds as before; however, if you subscribed when my URL was still a wordpress.com address, you’ll need to update your subscription. You can receive content via RSS or email.
  • The design is still in flux, but I’ll retain a clean, easy-to-read design that makes it easier for site visitors to read and find content.
  • I’m committing to three posts per week; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • I’ll handle any topics related to work on my new business blog at brittraybould.com.

Why the changes?

I consider these changes a re-commitment on my part to writing on a regular basis. Setting up the second blog and business site was an acknowledgment that I need a separate place to address work-related topics. The content at brittraybould.com focuses on helping small business owners and marketers find solutions to their problems, a topic of interest to me, since that’s what a do, but not necessarily of interest to the bulk of the Bold Words audience.

What’s next?

I expect the Supreme Court nominations will provide plenty of material during the coming weeks and months. The economy, and how we’re choosing to address financial issues, occupy my thoughts, too. Plus, I’ll have to address at some point the way we talk and write about things like the swine flu. If nothing else, our changing relationship with language is worthy of thought. Teens conducting entire conversations by text versus calling on the phone or sharing ideas via the 140 characters of Twitter all fascinate me.

I hope to spark conversations and make this summer one to remember.


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