Show Me the Wisdom

Newsweek Candidate CoversToday marks the official start of what I’ve termed Insanity ’08, otherwise known as a presidential election year. In the past I’ve commented on and pointed out how little the candidates say (notable exceptions being Ron Paul and Mike Gravel) that communicates something of value.

I’ve watched with disgust as this group of people has tried to use fear, back biting, double talking, and celebrities to convince a nation one of them should run it. I’ve heard very little about actual qualifications, but then those kind of comments don’t translate into sound bites very well. Unlike a traditional job interview, the candidates are kept behind podiums and seen on camera, with only a minority of the potential bosses ever seeing them in person, let alone meeting them or having a real conversation.

Plato pointed out that, “The measure of a wise man is what he does with power.” (link) That’s become my new measurement for whether I’ll vote for someone or not. I’ll even modernize Plato a bit and apply the same measurement to women. It seems only fair. You can also apply the measurement to other people not in politics that you have to make decisions about.

Look at the latest kerfluffle at Facebook with them shutting down Robert Scoble’s account. Please tell me what wisdom they’re showing in messing with arguably one of the largest entities in social media? I suspect the young phenoms running the show are a bit short on wisdom even if their wallets are fat. Might there not be a better way instead of sending Scoble a cookie cutter email to deal with the situation? I think this action, combined with all the other nonsense that’s gone on at Facebook, will send me packing from the service for good.

The less-than-wise are everywhere—politics, business, your personal life. Don’t settle for mumbo jumbo that tells you nothing. Demand the facts, and demand a real interaction that adds value. Don’t let people tell you you’re asking for too much. Push back. You might be pleasantly surprised at the results.


(Image courtesy of Metal-Armz. Some rights reserved.)


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