Nirvana Via the iPhone

Today’s the day. For everyone who patiently and not so patiently waited, the iPhone has arrived. Those dedicated individuals who waited in line are eager to get their hands on Steve Jobs’ next American revolution. They’ve dreamed of widescreens, Apple’s famous interface design, and combination voice/data plans. Today’s the day the dream comes true. Below is a shot from my phone camera of the front of the line at the SLC Apple store (please forgive the quality, bad angle):

Line for iPhones

I don’t have personal plans to pick up one myself. They do seem cool based on the reviews, but I’m not sure they are $600 cool. The frenzy around the iPhone raises a bigger question for me: do you think it’s possible to become too technology focused? The iPhone is the hip, cool thing for today, but haven’t we created an environment that demands something even hipper and cooler the next time?

I know we’ve moved way pass an agrarian-based society, but I do wonder if we’ll regret the skills we’ve lost along the way, and our appreciation for things that take time. Yes, technology has improved the quality of life. We can now do so much more faster and with greater efficiency, but will we ever reach a point, when for all our technology, we start going backwards? Do we need a better balance between the technology and, for lack of a better word, the physical part of our lives?


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